Brits banking on government to pay mortgages

Monday, 26 June 2006 12:00

Millions of Britons think the government will pay their mortgage if they are unable to, new research reveals.

According to figures from Lincoln Financial Group, some 3.85 million UK residents believe the government will help them out with mortgage payments if they become unemployed.

But mortgage relief was, in fact, ended some eleven years ago, Lincoln points out.

"Millions of people are living with a false sense of security believing that the government will bail them out if they cannot earn," said Ian Noble, head of strategic partnerships at Lincoln.

"That is not the case unfortunately. The government is not going to pay for your mortgage if you lose your job, and assuming that it will places people in real danger as it suggests they have no other mortgage protection plan in place.

He pointed out that orders for mortgage repossessions were 57 per cent higher in the first three months of this year compared with 12 months ago.

"With house prices at such high levels, and interest rates potentially set to rise people must make it their responsibility to ensure their families and homes are protected."

Around one Briton in 12 thinks the government will meet their mortgage payments if they are unable to work, with some three million more not knowing if it would be their or the government's responsibility to cover their mortgage if they became unemployed.

However, while there is no help coming from the government, there are a large number of insurance policies available that will cover mortgage payments in the event a policy holder is prevented from working.

These range from direct mortgage payment insurance, a more general and transferable payment protection insurance, or general income protection insurance that will cover lost income while people are unable to work.

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