Halifax extend £100 current account switching incentive

Thursday, 25 July 2013 10:59

Halifax has confirmed that it is to extend its £100 switching incentive to at least the end of 2013.

The deal also offers customers no fees on planned overdrafts for six months.

Rom August 5th, the £100 reward will also be available to existing current account customers looking to switch current accounts to the Halifax.

=To make the switching process easier, the Halifax will offer each customer an adviser to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Anthony Warrington, Director of Halifax Current Accounts, said: "Some people think it's fiddly to move their current account but we're committed to making the switch to Halifax as quick and easy as possible, and our award-winning switching service provides real peace of mind.

"Giving customers £100 the day they open their new account has proved so successful we're now seeing a new customer switch to Halifax every two minutes. But we want to make sure we give existing customers extra too, so we're now going to open up our £100 switching offer to all customers on the basis that they choose Halifax to be their main current account provider with a full switch."

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