ATM transactions reach record level

Cash withdrawals from ATMs reach record high

Cash machine withdrawals hit a record high in 2011 with consumers taking out £191 billion, according to data from the Payments Council.

MPs call for banks to restore cheque guarantee cards

MPs call for banks to restore cheque guarantee cards

Cheque guarantee cards could make a comeback after an MP committee urged the Payments Council to reconsider their abolition.

The future for cheques looks brighter after a report by a Treasury Committee

Treasury Committee says future of cheques safe for now

A Treasury Committee has criticised The Payments Council for trying to decide the future of cheques without taking into account the interests of consumers and has said that cheque delays must be reduced.

Age UK has questioned UK banks commitment to the future of cheques

Age UK questions banks commitment to the future of cheques

Despite a Payments Council ruling in July that cheques will continue to be used as a payment system for as long as people want to continue using them, Age UK has questioned the banks commitment to them.

Plans to phase out cheques have been scrapped

Cheques set to continue "as long as customers need them"

Controversial plans to phase out the use of cheques have been scrapped by the Payments Council following a consultation.

Cheque Guarantee Card scheme ends June 30th

Cheque guarantee card scheme ends in June

The removal of the cheque guarantee card scheme could renew the emphasis on credit and debit cards and cash payments.

Treasury Committee reopens investigation into phase-out of cheques

Cheques may not be checking out - just yet

Cheques are living on borrowed time as public support leads to the Treasury Committee considering once again whether they should be phased out in 2018.

Live Webcast: Modern payment systems explained

At 1pm, On February 15th,the 40th anniversary of decimilisation, join Jemma Smith and Sandra Quinn from the Payments Council as they answer your questions on alternatives to cheques, electronic payments and other aspects of modern payment systems.

Many people will give out cheques this Christmas

Brits 'plan to give cheques for Christmas'

Many consumers still use cheques for giving gifts as new research from the consumer watchdog, Which? this Christmas shows.

Cheques are set to be phased out in 2018.

MPs to examine abolition of cheques

MPs are to hold a special inquiry into the proposed abolition of payments by cheque.

Londoners are more likely to write cheques than Scots

More people ditch chequebooks

Further evidence cheques are on their way out has come today after research showed an increasing reliance on the internet and telephone banking.

Cheques will still be signed but without a guarantee

Cheque guarantee cards gone by June 2011

Banks and building societies today decided to stop cheque guarantee cards on June 30th 2011.

Bank and building society staff are confused about cheque clearing times

Staff confused over cheque clearing times

Bank and building society staff are failing to explain cheque clearing times to customers, a mystery shopping exercise found.

Banking: Cheque clearing changes

New cheque clearing process unveiled

From November 30th the UK will have a new cheque clearing process with the standard five days' clearance time extended to six days.

Cheques bounce out of town

Cheques bounce out of town

Individuals now only write 1 billion personal cheques a year, down from 2 billion a decade ago.

Cheques are set to become less popular as automatic payments get faster

New faster payments system to launch

A new fast payments system is to launch from November 2007 that could see internet and phone payments completing in two hours.

Bank penalty charges should not be more than £4.50, the Money Programme finds

Bank charges should cost £4.50 or less

Banks should charge customers no more than £4.50 for bounced cheques or exceeding their overdraft limits.

Accepting a cheque is to become a far more certain process

New certainty for people accepting cheques

The rules surrounding cheques are changing, meaning people accepting a cheque can now be far more certain the money will come through.

Cheque writing rules change on Saturday September 30th

Cheque writing rules to change

Britons not complying with new rules on how to write cheques could have their cheque declined, banks have warned.

Penalty fees on current accounts are costing Britons millions each year

Penalty fees on bank accounts costing millions

Not budgeting properly means Britons are handing banks millions of pounds a year in penalty charges.

Cheques will always require name or account number from October

Countdown to new cheque controls

In a month's time people writing cheques made payable only to a bank or building society will need to provide more information than just the bank's name.

Britons think banks are fairer than building societies

Banks fairer than building societies

More Britons think banks are fair than think building societies are, new research reveals.

Lloyds TSB now pays interest from the moment a cheque is paid in

Lloyds TSB makes cheques interesting

Starting today, Lloyds TSB will pay interest on cheques from the moment they are banked - rather than wait three days for them to clear.

With the Pay By Touch system cards and cash can be left at home

Pay By Touch goes live

UK shoppers can now pay for goods without cash, cards or cheques, using the new Pay By Touch system.

Transferring money between accounts online will get faster

Same day bank payments coming

People will be able to transfer money between bank accounts within a few hours it has been announced.

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