Greek Bailout

Tensions in Europe are increasing

Euro optimism shortlived as Spain's borrowing costs rise again

Optimism from the Greek election on Sunday that saw pro-euro parties elected has proved shortlived as yields on both Spanish and Italian ten-year government bonds rise.

George Soros has issued a start warning on the future of the euro

George Soros warns there is just 3 months left to save the euro

Billionaire investor, George Soros has warned that there is just three months left to save the euro as domestic pressures in Germany mean further bailouts are not likely.

Christine Lagarde: Support for Merkel

IMF's Lagarde says no relaxing of IMF terms on Greek bailout

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde has warned the Greek people that they must "help themselves", pay more taxes and pay for the good times.

Greece has agreed a debt swap deal with bond holders that will mean it avoids a default

Greek bailout agreed after bond holders agree debt swap

Greece is likely to receive its next bailout of €130 billion and avoid defaulting on its debt after holders of Greek debt agreed to losses of over 50 per cent.

A €130bn bailout has been agreed for Greece

Eurozone agrees second Greek bailout but doubts remain

Eurozone leaders have agreed to advance Greece a second bailout, this time of €130 billion but doubts persist that it will be enough to support the Greek economy.

William Hague has warned Greece on the difficulties it could face if it leaves the euro

Hague warns on Greek euro exit as second bailout finalised

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague has warned Greece on the perils of leaving the euro that was "built without exits".

Eurozone officials expect a deal on the second Greek bailout to be announced on Monday

Second Greek bailout deal expected to be announced on Monday

The second bailout deal for Greece is close to being finalised and eurozone officials expect the details to be announced on Monday when the markets reopen.

The Greek parliament has voted to accept new unpopular austerity measures so that it receives a €130bn bailout

Greece riots as new austerity measures passed

Greece has voted to accept new austerity measures as a condition to receiving €130 billion of bailout funds so that it can pay its debts and avoid bankruptcy.

The Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou says there will not now be a referendum

Greece scraps plans to hold a referendum on EU bailout

The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou says Greece has abandoned plans to hold a referendum on the bailout from the European Union and that he never intended too.

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